Registration for on-arrival seminar 12-14 August at Ciderhuset, Balestrand

Deadline for registration is 22nd July 2019.

Gard Eitungjerde Høyvik at
Email address:
Name of your host organisation:
Have you been on on-arrival seminar?
Where in Norway are you travelling from:
The seminar will take place in Balestrand at the Ciderhuset. You can ask for a reimbursement of the travel costs.

Please use the cheapest available transport and save all receipts. This means buss and boat and not plane. If you travel from Bergen you can take the morning express boat directly to Balestrand. If you will travel from Oslo, we recomend you to take the night buss on the 11th to Sogndal and take the expressboat from Sogndal to Balestrand.
Do you need accommodation?
Accommodation in shared rooms from 12th-14th August 2019
Can you confirm that you will participate in the whole programme?
From 12:00 12th August until 16:00 14th August
Are there any food types you can not eat?
Do you have any special needs?
Any comments or questions?